Greetings, my name is Andrey Khatimlianskii and this is my web-page. Here you can:
  • Learn more about my life - look through my  travels photos, download maps and GPS-tracks, or just examine some of the completed routes.
  • Get familiar with my work - find out what I am doing, what my interests are and in which direction I'm currently moving. If you're interested in cooperation, here you can find all information needed.
I always try to keep my web-page up to date and refresh it every time I return from a trip, discover a new way of activity, or when I realize, that I'm ready to share another part of my life.

If you spot any errors, inaccuracies or information that, in your opinion, is not supposed to be here - please, contact me.
A friendly advise or a hint will be appreciated as well.

In any case, I hope this web-page will be helpful for you. Have fun ;)